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The Salmon of Knowledge


by Declan Killen

The Salmon Of Knowledge Story: The Salmon of Knowledge was caught by Finegas, a poet and teacher of many years. While his apprentice, Finn McCool was cooking the great fish, he tasted it which fulfilled the ancient prophecy that he who first tastes the Salmon Of Knowledge would possess all the knowledge his mind can hold.

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'Say my Name' Porcelain Pendant


by Orla O Visual Art

"Have you a favourite word or nickname?... Get it imprinted into Porcelain and show off to the world. Handmade with delicate fine Ming Porcelain, whiter, stronger and more translucent than the other porcelains. Each pendant is hand sculpted, so each piece is totally unique. Words are imprinted into the raw Porcelain clay and then fired to 1290° C in the potters' kiln. Finished with a light gloss coat."

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