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Christine O'Donoghue de Vries is an award winning sustainable artist/designer. She uses her own printmaking, watercolor paintings and fine art photography to create designs that are sustainably made -HEIRLOOMS for the future.

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About House of Kerry

Christine O'Donoghue de Vries is the Creative Director and Founder of House of Kerry. A return to the farm where she grew up, an area of scenic conservation on the shores of Lough guitane saw her return to her creative childhood passions of painting, making and photography. She is inspired by the old farmhouse she was born into which was in her family for generations. She now lives there with her own family. Instead of building anew she renovated the old house and in a similar vein, her work while contemporary in style gives a nod to tradition and the past.

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She weaves these strands of inspiration to form a relevant contemporary narrative through her printmaking, painting and photography - a sustainably conscious designer thinking out loud.