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At WildBird Studio I craft contemporary stained glass for a new generation, drawing on nature, art, history and light. I am a designer, maker, and educator.

About WildBird Studio

I began WildBird Studio with the idea of creating a stained glass renaissance. Glass is a transformational medium that has been overlooked in recent times. Im giving it a fresh look, a modern twist, with a nod to the past.

Bespoke panels. Geometric terrariums. Victorian botanical frames. Minimalist lighting. Vibrant jewellery: Choose your favourite piece. Gift a friend. Try a workshop. Glass is fun, fragile and fascinating. Glass is alchemy, art and attitude. Clear and coloured. Smooth and sparkling. Raw and reflective. Let me share its beauty with you.

Join the Stained glass renaissance!

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Inspiration comes to me from eclectic sources from history, maths, print, nature, design, branding, politics and trends. I enjoy thoughtful simplicity with strong graphic lines and so I dream about my future home and the things I would like to put in it and then I create those things.