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Shock of Grey

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Bold, unique, handcrafted statement jewellery sustainably made in Dublin.

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About Shock of Grey

The moment I discovered my first lock of grey hair I knew it was now or never. The result is Shock Of Grey; Wearable Art (that’s a fancy word for jewellery) which is hand-crafted, sustainable, but bold and beautiful at the same time. Just like you!

I’m Sarah Carroll Kelly and I make bold, unique, handcrafted statement jewellery from unpredictable materials, such as wood, brass, plastic, silicone and clay. Pieces are designed, wood cut and painted and clay moulded and cast in Dublin. Wherever possible other parts are sustainably sourced, and finished jewellery makes its way to you in recyclable packaging.

When I say hand-made, I really mean it. I create and sell items on an individual basis: every piece you see on the site is precisely the piece you are buying - and nobody else will ever own another one quite the same. All pieces are handmade in Dublin.

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The inspiration for my designs come from many places. I studied Fine Art Sculpture in Limerick School of Art & Design in the 90s and I think the making of this jewellery is the miniature manifestation of those skills. I take inspiration from the world around me and am like a magpie collecting and keeping things that interest me so I always have a bank of reference material. It could be a vintage book, a piece of modern art, a building and its shapes, a colour combination from a child's toy. I do hand drawings and doodles and they often turn into a shape that becomes an element of my jewellery. I love coming up with colour combinations and get a gut reaction when it hits the mark.