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Fintan Mulholland

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Fintan Mulholland produces uniquely constructed knitwear that transcends fashion and provides a luxury, sensory experience for the wearer. His knitwear is for those who believe garments are investments that underline their own discernment and individuality. Fintan’s experimental approach to knitwear is influenced by the avant-garde and concepts are tightly connected with sustainability practices. Designs are handcrafted in Ireland using only natural yarns such as lambswool, alpaca, linen and cashmere. Fintan sees knitwear as a way to express himself through a never-ending quest for individuality. He believes in experimentation and introducing innovative ideas that look beyond societal norms of what is considered accepted.

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About Fintan Mulholland

Fintan completed a Bachelors degree in Textile Art, Design with fashion from Belfast School of Art and a Masters in Fashion Knitwear Design from Nottingham Trent University. All garments featured are designed and made by Fintan Mulholland in his studio in Co.Monaghan, Ireland.

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My aim as a designer is to produce high-quality garments and statement pieces that transcend fashion and provide a luxurious, sensory experience for the wearer. Sustainability is an integral component of my approach to design, and I see it as a key part of the philosophy of quality, Irish Design. I work with carefully-sourced, natural fibres, producing limited quantities of each style where value is added through the quality of the materials and a design approach that almost eliminates waste, and focuses on delivering quality garments. The attention on producing quality garments is in part driven by a desire to encourage the wearer to wear them for a longer period. A Fintan Mulholland knit represents garments that pervade longevity and propose more conscious consumption.

I follow a uniquely detailed approach to the planning and development of a collection. My artistic approach to design starts with the inspiration for a piece and has a clear view of the end of the process and how a finished garment should look. I explore ways to ensure that my design concept is not compromised, including using a combination of technology and handcrafting to help me achieve the sculptural shapes and structures that I use and to achieve a more organic knitwear form. When exploring concepts in knit-sampling and prototyping, I document outcomes on the road to achieving the vision I have for a garment or design and unravel and reuse all yarn back into the final garment, so there is no cutting and zero waste.

Knitwear is both a challenging and rewarding medium for me; having the ability and knowledge to almost draw with the knit through yarn, combined with the use of knit techniques, has been an interesting way to create pattern as well as surface texture. I aim to continue to develop my work by exploring techniques that enable me to be original in my creations.

Designing and making quality fashion garments takes time – from perfecting original designs to ensuring the quality of production, adding value and understanding the effect on the environment, and passing these values to customers.