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We give you a peek through the keyhole into the world of Irish literature to inspire you to discover and explore Irish authors, their books and the places that influenced them.

We bring a fresh twist and a pinch of naughtiness to Irish literature by distilling its essence through our unique mix of writing, illustration and design with our pocket guides and literary gifts. Step into the world of Irish literature!

10 Years

About At it Again!

We are Irish-German creative couple, Niall Laverty and Maite López, who write, illustrate and publish literary guides and gifts in Dublin, Ireland. We fell in love at a Millenium New Year’s Eve Party in Germany and our adventure started by moving to Ireland and bringing Irish literature to life with At it Again!

After experiencing Bloomsday celebrating James Joyce’s Ulysses, we wanted to inspire more people to go on their own literary adventure. Starting as a passion project, our first pocket guide, "Romping through Ulysses", was unleashed to make readers chuckle and give them unexpected insights into Joyce and his big book. People loved the book so much that we thought, why not tackle other Irish literature? Hungry to discover the Irish roots of iconic books and their creators, our next victim was Dracula. Our romp through Irish Literature had begun.

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We go on an adventure with the making of every book and literary gift, looking for clues behind the stories and visiting places from the authors’ lives and books, sketching and scribbling along the way. Influenced by mid-20th century design and illustration, we distill the essence of the story adding a pinch of naughtiness to make readers chuckle and give them unexpected insights allowing them to step into the pages of a book. All our gifts are made locally using sustainable materials.