Kathryn Davey
Kathryn Davey

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Kathryn Davey is a sustainable design studio handcrafting naturally dyed homeware & accessories. We dye everything by hand using pure plant extracts from our studio in Dublin.

About Kathryn Davey

I am a self taught natural dyer, working with natural fibres to create limited runs of naturally dyed homewares & accessories. I first learnt & became interested in Natural Dyeing while living in the States. Although I grew up with creative parents, it was in California that I was exposed to a rich and diverse creative environment. After experimenting with many different mediums I became fascinated with natural dyeing. After returning home from more than a decade abroad, I set up my business, teaching natural dye workshops and selling naturally dyed goods. My products are available through select retailers and online directly through my site.



by Kathryn Davey

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We prepare everything in house for dyeing by removing any residual oils or waxes left in the fibres. We then create dye baths using tested recipes & dye each piece by hand until we achieve the colours we want.