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Designer, maker James Carroll creates handcrafted furniture pieces from his workshop and woodlands in Ireland’s Wicklow mountains.


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Throughout his 30-year career James has embraced a wide range of techniques, materials and traditions. This includes green woodworking ('green' meaning not seasoned or dried), cabinet making, carpentry, traditional timber frame, sculpture and metalwork.

Wood is the primary material used, although there is also a fascination with using materials that have been overlooked or discarded. Mass-produced components that are no longer of value to others are hand-worked and reimagined. In a similar vein, undervalued tree parts and species are used in a new more relevant way which realises their inherent worth.

An element of fun and movement is regularly injected without ignoring the primary functional purpose of the work. Managing the woodland around his home and using these resources as the supply store for the materials used, contributes to the closed-loop cycle that is aimed for.


by Stickman Furniture


by Stickman Furniture

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The creative possibilities for using local small-diameter hardwoods or faster grown softwoods are constantly being revisited.

The natural forms of the trees are often a starting point. In more sculptural work the combination of traditional hand tools working freshly cut trees combine with society's spent cast-offs creates new hybrids. What's it called? Em... mad-max, arte provera, womble, upcycle, studio furniture object found, tinkering , new vernacular, mad-trad ...whatever you like. Sometimes it's just called a little wooden stool. His capability to mill large trees with a mobile sawmill, and larger trees still with an Alaskan mill, enables him to create unique larger works with locally grown trees that would often be destined for the stove or left where they fell. This engagement with his natural surroundings is aimed to be regenerative rather than exploitative with natural resources. His pieces are often available to purchase through Despite his assurances the site is still pending an upgrade and expansion ;). James is open to commissions and can work with you to make the perfect unique piece for your home.