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Annita Mckee makes unique porcelain ceramics in a contemporary style. Her designs are influenced by the ocean and forms she finds when exploring Irish shores.

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About Annita Mckee Ceramics

Annita graduated from the Ulster University and works from her studio in County Down. She creates porcelain sculptures and statement pieces for the home, exhibitions or as a meaningful gift. Her contemporary style and designs are influenced by her love of the ocean, her scuba diving adventures and notion that a visit to the sea enhances mental well-being. She uses found, Irish rocks with interesting textures or shapes to transfer into porcelain. Hand-built chairs are manipulated to show an emotion or psychological state. Each piece is made with meaning, is unique and titled. She loves hearing how her creations connect to her customers.


by Annita Mckee Ceramics

by Annita Mckee Ceramics

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Annita uses a slip casting process. This method enables her to transform the original surface texture from a found rock into a porcelain sculpture. She introduces hand-built elements such as chairs representing people and emotions. The pure, delicate, yet robust porcelain clay mainly remains white. Occasionally glazes are applied to represent feelings or colours of the sea. Each piece is fired twice in a kiln. Many ideas develop from underwater experiences and interaction with sea creatures. It is here, away from the interruptions from the outside world where she develops ideas taking small chairs with her.