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The Landskein

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The Landskein is a contemporary Irish tailoring brand, committed to honouring heritage Irish textiles within a modern aesthetic.

About The Landskein

The brand’s luxury tailored coats for women are hand cut and sewn from authentic Donegal tweed, woven exclusively for The Landskein. The pieces embody a sense of place and ground the wearer in tradition, while the unstructured relaxed silhouettes create an atmosphere of luxurious ease.



by The Landskein


by The Landskein

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The Landskein pieces are cut using only Irish woven Heritage textiles, Including Doneagl tweed and Irish Linen Twills. The pieces have a considered lightness that is achieved through weaving the fabric at a lighter density than traditional tweed, giving the wearer more freedom to layer garments underneath, and allowing for more flexibility as transitional piecesEach coat is hand-cut, one at a time, resulting in less waste, by a family-run tailors in Europe. Along with the exacting finish, this level of craftsmanship brings a quiet assurance to the tailoring.. Guerin says: “Many tailored coats can make the wearer feel restricted. My aim was to create a contemporary unstructured coat that moves effortlessly with the body.”