Designer: Bébhínn

  • Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Waterford

BÉBHÍNN is a contemporary Irish brand specialising in Irish Linen and Merino Wool products.

Placing the utmost importance on longevity in construction and silhouette, each made-to-order garment is designed and handcrafted in her studio in Waterford, Ireland. Comprised of timeless silhouettes, the BÉBHÍNN wardrobe is intended to be worn and cherished for years to come.

Bébhínn has an open studio and shop at 129 The Quay, Waterford.


About Bébhínn

Designer Bébhínn McGrath grew up surrounded by creativity as her Mother was a Dressmaker and Grandmother a Knitter so entering into a creative industry was a natural progression. After working in the film and TV industries in Costume Design, Bébhínn decided to branch out and create her label BÉBHÍNN in 2017. With a passion for Irish produce and sustainable clothing along with a vast knowledge of garment construction - BÉBHÍNN was created.

Discover more about Bébhínn

Born from the desire to create a more thoughtful, deliberate shopping experience; Bébhínn established her brand with a sensitivity and respect to the design process, promoting the slow, natural accumulation of lasting wardrobe pieces. Representing a structured fluidity inspired primarily by the architecture of organic forms, Bébhínn carefully selects each of her purist fabrics by hand. Linen from Emblem Weavers in Co. Wexford and Merino Wool from donegal Yarns in Co. Donegal.