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Ireland’s rainclouds, wind-borne seeds and animal tracks are some of the whimsical moments you find in Karolina Grundniewska’s ceramics.

Photo of Breakfast bowls

Breakfast bowls


by KaroArt

Delicate porcelain breakfast bowls that aim on bringing smile to your face every morning. Decorated with quirky hand-drawn pictures of sleepy faces (4 styles available) making each one of them unique and one of a kind. Bowls are made of finest grade porcelain with qualities such as pure white shade, translucency and lightness, beautiful texture. Two sizes of corresponding plate designs available.

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Photo of Woodland Wall Art

Woodland Wall Art


by KaroArt

Limited edition decorative wall plates available in three styles, 'The Big Bad Wolf', 'The Shelter' and 'The Quiet Deer'. The artwork is inspired by woodland theme appearing in many generic fairy-stories. Plates are individually hand-painted and kept in an elegant monochromatic colour scheme, lifted by shiny touches of 22k gold.

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Originally from Poland, Karo discovered her gift for creating when her partner gave her two bags of clay for Christmas (good gift idea!). Karo’s watery, earthen colour palette is punctuated with bold splashes of gold. A sense of personality, story and inspiration infuses each piece.

The Gift of Clay

KaroArt is a Dublin based ceramic studio, where beautifully coloured, whimsical pieces are created in a fully handmade process. Karo’s ceramics are full of character, all individually hand-painted and sketched.